Help Guide – Students

This is the HELP guide for all Crystal Glass students.

1. Basic Navigation

Using Crystal Glass College is simple.  Follow along this guide for the basics on how to use the course.

If you are new to the course, please start with LEVEL 1 from the TRAINING menu.
Note: you will not be eligible to access LEVEL 2 training until approved by your instructor to commence


2. Starting Course

This is the main area of navigation for LEVEL 1. You can see your overall course PROGRESS and right below you can see the quick NAVIGATION links to easily navigate the course.  Click on TAKE THIS COURSE to get started, then select the first UNIT to begin. (Note: You must complete units in order including any quizzes.  The system will not let you skip ahead.)



3. Completing Video

You must watch the videos in each module, before you can mark complete.


4. Taking Quizzes

Some modules require you to complete a small QUIZ.  Click START QUIZ and answer the questions to complete the quiz.  Take your time and watch module videos carefully.  You will be graded and your quiz scores are important to your continued employment.


5. Course Completion

At the end of the entire LEVEL 1 course you will be required to take a FINAL EXAM.  This exam must be supervised in the presence of your INSTRUCTOR.  The course will prompt you before beginning and cannot be restarted.

For any further questions contact your manager or instructor.